FRAKOPOWER energy storage

For further decarbonization, a capacious and rapidly responsive energy storage is needed. The key to success is using the surplus energy generated from RES for production of hydrogen (in the electrolysis process). Such produced fuel is stored in pressure tanks until the time it will be reconverted into electrical energy (in a fuel cell).

Hybrid energy storages are intended to provide energy independence and serve as emergency power supply.

Our system allows both short and long-term energy storage. The hydrogen system is responsible for storing energy over a long time period. In the daily cycle, a battery set is used for this process.

FRAKOPOWER system includes:

Any renewable energy source with appropriate power output

  • Solar power plant
  • Wind power plant
  • Other energy source

Hybrid energy storage system

  • Battery buffer
  • Hydrogen installation (including electrolyzer and fuel cell)
  • Compressed hydrogen storage
  • Heat management module

Energy management system

  • Control and measuring installation
  • Energy distribution module (energy flow management)

Construction description

The installation is configured from modules, the size of which corresponds to the dimensions of shipping containers. The power of the main unit, containing all the generation-control subsystems, is selected to meet the customer’s needs by the criterion of connection power. An appropriate number of storage components are matched to the basic module to meet the investor’s expectations regarding the amount of stored energy (e.g., specified operating time in off-grid configuration).

Energy processing system​

  • 1

    Fuel cell and heat exchanger
  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

    Distribution-measuring module
  • 5

    Pneumatic module
  • 6

    Compression module
  • 7

  • 8

    Control-measurement equipment
  • 9

    LiFePO4 batteries

Energy processing module

Single energy processing module tailored to the connection power

  • 50kW
  • 100kW
  • 200kW
  • 300kW

It is possible to combine multiple modules.

Storage module

Single storage module for up to 15 MWh of energy

Possibility of packaging modules

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